May 24, 2008- Promise Ring

Giving Mariah a promise ring reassured me of our commitment to one another although we were a ways away. We were at The Rusty Pelican On The Bay and she was looking like a meal with the dress she had on. While at dinner, I was sweating literally like a pig. I wrote a letter, poured my heart out in it to remind her I will be behind her and promise to cherish, appreciate, and love her with every blood cell flowing though my heart.

Spring 2005- Meeting Mariah

We got to meet in person during my junior year spring concert--which I didn't show up for (bad and boujie Zoe 🇭🇹). But, I was determined to meet this girl I had been talking to for weeks. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would one day become my other half. Ever since then, our love has grown beyond measure and we continue to learn and grow with one another. 

February 23, 2018- Our Wedding Day

The wedding is becoming a reality. Early on the usual butterflies were setting in but I'm excited to share this day with bae.

March 26, 2016- I Proposed

The way I felt before I proposed was nerve wrecking, but it felt so right. I have never had a feeling like that moment that takes over your mind body and soul. Nothing else mattered besides the love I felt for someone. To know you have the honor and opportunity to secure a saucy, classy, beautiful, driven woman, and call her your own is a wonderful feeling. That single-handedly motivated me to secure my wife (DJ Khaled voice) and do right by her.

The Proposal


      We have been through everything together from going to each other’s prom, graduations, family events, and even stayed together when I went off to college. It has been a long, and amazing journey filled with lots of love, laughter, support, and honesty.

      But, if you know Josh like I know Josh, he will never let you down and will try his absolute best to make something happen. That night I got home and he called to apologize and asked to come see me. I took a chance and met him out front. It was worth every second and minute of that beating I would have received from my mother if caught. From that day on I knew that Josh was my soulmate.

      We had so much in common: we were both Haitian, lived five minutes from each other, valued family and friends. Although we went to different schools we had the same passion and desire to live life to the fullest and have fun while doing it. After a month we decided to plan a little meet and greet. Josh suggested that I come to his High School Spring Concert. He ended up not attending because he couldn’t get off of work that night. (So, yes Josh stood me up on our first meet and greet).

      How We Met-  Josh and I have known each other for 11 years. Our love story started in 2005 when a really close family friend/neighbor of mine, sparked an interest between the two of us. One night while on my front porch chatting it up with my close family friend, I gave her my phone to text a friend of hers from school, which happened to be Josh. As the night went on, Josh and I continued texting. We started texting each other every day and night. The texts led to phone calls which eventually led us to wanting to meet.

Our Story

On February 23, 2018, we will continue that journey with each other for eternity.


The Commitment